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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Boombeene?
We are a buy for me service for consumers and businesses in Kurdistan and Iraq. We make it possible for you to shop online on any website. Sign up, load your account balance and start shopping today!
How do I sign up for a Boombeene account?
You can sign up with your full name, a valid phone number and email address. There’s no sign-up fee and no payment is required at sign up.
What type of membership plans do you offer?
We offer a Free Membership and a Business Membership. Business memberships receive all the perks from a free membership plus discounted shipping rates and lower commission fees. Business Memberships are $50 per month or $420 per year/
How do I load my account balance?
You can load your account balance at any Boombeene office using cash. You can also load your account balance using Pelepare, Zain Cash and NassWallet. We will add more ways to load your balance in the future.
How does my Boombeene online account work?
You can load your account balance, submit orders, confirm multiple orders and track orders until delivery. You can also upgrade to a business member for additional savings.
Does Boombeene rates include customs fees?
All customs duties and taxes are included in your shipping rates. However, there are customs fee charges on all smart phones, computer tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. (Note: Some bulk or cargo shipments may require additional customs fees. Boombeene reserves the right to collect customs fees in certain situations.)
How much is the commission fee?
Free members pay 5% commission per order with a $3 minimum. Business members pay 3% commission per order with a $3 minimum.
What is the commission fee for?
This fee covers money transfer, processing, purchasing, communicating with sellers, receiving and delivery of your order.
Can I return orders for a refund?
We do not allow returns unless the issue is our fault. This includes items you receive that might be defective or not working because we are not the seller of the products. All sales are final from China, including Amazon, eBay & Aliexpress.
Can I cancel an order?
You can only cancel an order when it is Pending or Processed. Once your order is confirmed, the sale is final unless the seller cancels the order for any reason.
Are there weight limits?
Nope! We offer cargo rates for high volume purchases.
Do you offer mobile apps?
Yes! We have iOS and Android apps available for all customers. You can shop freely on your Chrome or Safari browser and share the links to our apps to create an order.
What products are prohibited and restricted?
You can view our full list of prohibited and restricted items by hovering on the ``About`` text on our menu and then click
``Prohibited Items``.
What are Boombeene shipping rates?
Free membership rates start at $8 per LB and business membership rates start at $5 per LB. You can get an estimate by using our calculator on our pricing page.
Do you offer a Business Membership?
Yes, we offer a business membership for $25 per month ($250 per year). As a business member you will receive discounted shipping rates and lower commission fees.
What cities do you ship to?
Boombeene ships to the following cities in Kurdistan and Iraq: Erbil, Duhok, Zaxo, Sulaymaniyah, Mesif, Soran and Baghdad.
How long does it take for orders to be delivered?
It depends on where you are shopping. If you buy from Amazon Prime, it takes only 2-3 days to arrive to our US warehouse, but orders from China take much longer. Once we receive your order at our US warehouse, it will take 10 to 15 days to arrive to you.
Do you charge sales tax on orders?
We do not charge sales tax on orders from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BHPhoto, NewEgg, Best Buy and a few other websites. We have to collect sales tax on orders from websites who do not accept a resale certificate from our company. Save sales tax by shopping at one of the retailers listed above!
What do you mean by combining orders?
If you have multiple confirmed orders, you can now select them all and checkout one time. You can save on shipping because the more you ship the lower the shipping rate will be. If you have 10 orders weighing 30 LBs, you can checkout at one time and pay only $6 per LB in this example.
What is the minimum weights?
The minimum weight of processed orders is 0.50 LBs and the minimum weight to ship an order is 1 LBs. If you have 2 small orders each weighing 0.50 LBs, you can combine the orders and pay only 1 LB for both orders. If you only ship 1 order weighing 0.50 LBs, we will charge you 1 LB.
What does LBs (pounds) mean?
1 LB equals 0.453 KG and our minimum for order shipments is 1 LB. You can combine orders to avoid this minimum.
What is dimensional weight?
All international carriers base their shipping rates on the greater of Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight. Actual Weight is the weight of the item when put on a scale and dimensional weight is based on the size of item. Large items that have a low actual weight relative to their size, like pillows or a canvas paintings, will result in a larger dimensional weight. Dimensional Weight is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of the item. Length multiplied by Width multiplied by Height, then dividing that total by the “DIM Factor” of 166. So, the formula is: Length x Width x Height (inches) / 166 = Dimensional Weight (chargeable pounds). (1 Inch equals 2.54 CM)
What do the order statuses mean?
Pending: When you submit a new order and it is awaiting processing by Boombeene staff.
Processed: Order has been processed by staff and awaiting your confirmation.
Confirmed: Order has been confirmed and paid by you.
Purchased: Order has been purchased, awaiting arrival to USA warehouse.
Arrived USA: Order has arrived to USA warehouse, awaiting shipment.
In Transit: Order has been shipped from the USA warehouse, on the way to your destination.
Arrived: Order is ready for pickup at your requested branch.
Delivered: Order has been picked up.
Why was my confirmed order refunded and a new order created?
When we refund a confirmed order, it is most likely due to the incorrect weight entered during processing. Our processing staff can make mistakes when calculating order weights so our USA purchaser confirms the weight before purchasing. If the weight is incorrect, we will refund the order and a new order will be created with the correct weight. You will need to confirm the new order for us to purchase it.
What if a confirmed order is out of stock?
If you confirm an order and it becomes unavailable by the time we purchase it, we will refund the order completely and the money will go back to your balance.
What if I don't like something I purchased?
All sales are final. We do not have the option to return orders to sellers unless we are at fault.
Do you offer discounts?
Our shipping rates are variable and get lower with the more weight you ship. We also offer a business membership that offers lowered shipping rates.